The first CEDIMES was created in 1972 by Professor Emeritus Jacques AUSTRUY at the University Panthéon-Assas (Paris II). This Center for Studies on International Development and Economic and Social Movements was internationalized in 1992 to become an Institute chaired by Claude ALBAGLI. Its headquarters are today at Paris-Est University. It brings together more than thirty national CEDIMES established on five continents. These centers do not constitute subsidiaries, but a network of partners. Some 2,500 researchers have registered for 20 years.


This academic network has for task to mature a multidisciplinary reflection with a threefold orientation:

The first axis concerns the possibilities of sustainable development, taking into account the links between economic, social and cultural structures. The analysis of the renewal of the thought of development is an important aspect.

The second deals with globalization from transition mechanisms. Particular emphasis is placed on integration processes and their links with the immediate peripheries in their commercial, geopolitical and demographic aspects.

The third is entrepreneurial dynamics with the transformation of structures and their logic under the impulse of globalization, the interferences of cultural processes and the effects of new communication techniques.


The CEDIMES network is a place for meetings, exchanges and sharing where everyone comes, carrying their specificities, but listening to those of others to better understand and take into account in the apprehension of globalization.

By using French, this network is part of the Francophonie. In a convivial space, its scientific community composed of experienced researchers and renowned teachers, as well as young researchers, combines a rigorous academic approach with the richness of a diversified international scientific thought.