The submissions may focus on the topics including, but not limited to the following:

  • Economic integration in Developing Countries
  • Capacity building in entrepreneurship and SMEs development in Developing Countries
  • Diaspora socio-economic involvement in Developing Countries
  • Foreign Direct Investments in Developing Countries
  • Financial inclusion and growth in development countries
  • Immigrants and diaspora entrepreneurship
  • Internationalization of SMEs of Developing Countries
  • SMEs governance in Developing Countries
  • Government policies and SMEs internationalization
  • Women entrepreneurs in Developing Countries
  • Social entrepreneurship in Developing Countries
  • Venture capital funds in Developing Countries
  • Institutional reforms in developing Countries
  • Financial and economic governance issues
  • Intercultural communication in business


Submission deadline: June 15, 2019

Submission of abstracts, proposals for academic papers, professional workshop sessions, and panel discussions, in French or English, should be sent to the following address:


The submission should be in Times New Roman 12pt in Microsoft Word format: the first page should include: title, names, status and contact details of author(s). The second page should include the abstract and 5 keywords, according to the following categories:


Academic Papers Abstract or Full paper Abstracts should clearly state the purpose, method and expected findings of study and be not more than 500 words in length. Full papers: 20 pages maximum
Professional workshop sessions Summary Summaries should describe the format and content of the workshop and be not more than 500 words in length.
Panels Summary Summaries (not more than 500 words) should describe the theme and its interests; identify the panel speakers and their sub-topic areas.


All submissions will be peer-reviewed, based on their relevance and quality. The Scientific Committee’s decision will be communicated to authors, two weeks after receipt of the proposal.